Covenant Theology

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Monday’s Topic: The Patriarchal Blessing

by anaheimh

This upcoming Monday (2/25/13) we will be studying the blessings and the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  We will topic specifically about: 1. Patriarchs and a patriarchal society 2. Being heirs of the patriarchal blessing 3. Jacob and the way he received the blessing 4. Election 5. Redemptive History in the book of […]

Monday’s Topic: The Abrahamic Covenant

by anaheimh

This coming Monday (2/18/13) we will be discussing the covenant God made with Abraham. We will be discussing: 1. The historicity of Abraham 2. The promises given to Abraham 3. The fulfillment of the promises in Jesus Christ 4. An introductory look at Covenant Theology