Saints, as you are well aware, the situation regarding COVID-19 is continually changing, and the session is continually seeking to do what is best for our congregation at AHPC. Please remember that we want to lead with love, and remember the paradigm of the stronger/ weaker brother found in Romans 14-15.


With that being said, the session strongly suggests the following:


– that you space your chairs at least 6 feet away from people that you do not regularly interact with outside of church.

– that you wear a mask as you enter and exit the building. (We are not asking you to wear one during the worship service, and understand that certain people are unable to wear masks. Young children are also exempt.)

– that you wear a mask when you are within 6 feet of other individuals, either before or after service.

– that you sing softly, in a low voice, when we do sing.


We also ask that you all exit the facility following the service so that we might clean the building.


Thank you,